Conservation Skills

When working with a historic building, particularly one designated a Protected Structure or located within an Architectural Conservation Area, you will need the advice of an Architect with skills in conservation. Should your building not be listed by the planning authority, it may still be of conservation value. An Architect can help ensure that its character is not damaged in the process of any alterations or extensions carried out.

RIAI Conservation Accreditation System

The objectives of the RIAI Conservation Accreditation System are the creation and maintenance of best practice in conservation and protection of Architectural heritage. The RIAI Conservation Accreditation System recognises differing levels of Architectural expertise and assists those seeking to commission works in finding Architects with appropriate skills.

There are three grades of accreditation within the RIAI Conservation Accreditation System with Grade 1 being the highest:

•    RIAI Grade 1 Conservation Architect
•    RIAI Grade 2 Conservation Architect
•    RIAI Architect Accredited in Conservation at Grade 3 

The RIAI Skills Matrix for Conservation Projects is intended to assist practitioners, clients and the general public in understanding the different levels of skill of RIAI Conservation Accredited Architects and in assigning projects accordingly. 

Lists of Architects holding each grade of Conservation Accreditation can be downloaded below. These lists are non-exhaustive as not all Architects who hold RIAI Conservation Accreditation have opted to be listed.

Architects who wish to be listed should complete the on-line RIAI Conservation Accreditation Website Listing application form.