RIAI Scott Tallon Walker Excellence Award for Students of Architecture

Sponsored by Scott Tallon Walker Architects

The RIAI in association with Scott Tallon Walker Architects present the RIAI Scott Tallon Walker Student Excellence Award for Architecture. The competition is sponsored by Scott Tallon Walker Architects in memory of the firm’s three founding partners, Dr. Michael Scott, Dr. Ronald Tallon and Robin Walker.

This award is free to enter.

There are four general aims of the competition:

  • To promote the study of contemporary Architecture
  • To encourage and foster architectural excellence among the student body
  • To encourage and facilitate communication between the schools
  • To provide a basis for growing awareness of Architecture in society through exhibitions and publications supported by RIAI

The Brief

Entrants are invited to submit a collage on a single A1 board illustrating the work they have completed during Fifth (final thesis) Year. The collage will include a combination of hand-drawn sketches, concept ideas, technical investigations, final design solutions, 3-D representations, and photographs of models, arranged in such a way as to fully represent the body of work produced during that academic year. The submission may include the entrant’s thesis project and should feature a short, relevant narrative describing the work displayed (300 word max., text size 10pt min.).


The award is open to students currently enrolled in Fifth (final thesis) Year in the following programmes of architecture:

  • MArch at Cork Centre for Architectural Education (CCAE)
  • BArch at Technological University of Dublin (TU Dublin) 
  • MArch (ARB/RIBA Part 2) at Queen's School of Natural and Built Environment (QUB) 
  • BArch at School of Architecture University of Limerick (SAUL)
  • MArch at UCD School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy (UCD) 
  • MArch at Belfast School of Architecture (UU) 
  • BArch at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) 

The Prize

A €5,000 prize fund is available for this award. Division or not of the prize fund will reflect the standard and diversity of entries.

Entries for 2020 will open in April.

Queries about RIAI Scott Tallon Walker Student Excellence Award for Architecture should be addressed to Carol Curran, Education Officer at ccurran@riai.ie or at 01 6761703.