Helpful notes on Registration

Admission to the Register / RIAI Membership

Admission to the Register of Architects is governed by the Building Control Act 2007 and the Professional Qualifications Directive 2005/36/EC and based on a coordinated minimum training standard.

Under the Building Control Act 2007 anyone using the title Architect in Ireland must be registered.

You do not have to become a member of the RIAI, this is optional, but all registered Architects are eligible for membership of the RIAI.

The application form allows you to choose whether you wish to apply for "RIAI Membership and Registration" or for "Registration only".

All application packages contain Applicant Guidance detailing Admission process and document requirements.

There is no deadline for receipt of applications. Timelines for the processing of applications vary by route. All applications are processed as quickly as possible. 

Due to the variety of Admission Route requirements and the various process requirements the RIAI cannot provide a schedule or time line for applications in general. 

Please be aware that, depending on the Admission Route, several stages of verification may have to be completed as part of the application evaluation process and appropriate time has to be given for the processing of the application.

It is the responsibility of the statutory Admissions Board to satisfy itself that you are entitled to register as an Architect. The RIAI Board of Architectural Education Admissions Committee decides on eligibility for RIAI membership.

In the case of EU applications the statutory Admissions Board will make a decision within three months of the receipt of a complete application. The deadline may be extended by one month in certain cases.

To cover the cost of processing and evaluating your application a once-off administration fee is payable. Once your application has been recorded, you will receive an email inviting you to pay the relevant fee/s online (if you have opted for credit card payment). To view the Fee Schedule please click here.

You will be notified of the decision/s. Successful applicants are asked to activate their Registration/Membership by paying the Annual Charge. Your Registration/Membership ID will be generated and your name added to the Register for Architects, and you will be provided with relevant Registration/Membership information.