Benefits of Membership

Be part of a community

By becoming a RIAI Registered Architect, you are joining a community of Architects and Architectural Technologists who share your interests. 


Get support to practise to the highest standards

RIAI Members receive access to a wide range of services and supports which enables them to practise architecture to the highest standards. Develop a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plan and keep in touch with changes in design and legislation.


Play a part in raising the profile of Irish Architecture

Through the RIAI’s many activities, Members have the opportunity to play a part in communicating the social, cultural, and economic impact of architecture at a local, national, and international level.


Have the interests of your profession represented at national and international level

The RIAI represents the views of Architects and Architectural Technologists on architectural and built environment issues to the media, through liaison with government, government departments, local authorities, state agencies, and other architectural/urban bodies, as well as EU and international organisations.

The below benefits are available to RIAI Members: 

  • Access to the Members’ Dashboard on the RIAI website, containing notices, job listings, exclusive material, access to MyRIAI, and much more
  • Access to the Good Practice Guide online
  • Reduced CPD costs
  • Regular email bulletins – informing and updating Members on changes to legislation, advice on practice issues, notification of competitions, awards and events, and more
  • Access to the full range of RIAI best practice advice and current case law 
  • Complimentary copy of Architecture Ireland, the journal of the RIAI
  • Use of the RIAI stamp
  • Use of the appropriate RIAI affix: MRIAI (Member of the RIAI), RIAI Arch.Tech. (Architectural Technologist Member of the RIAI), FRIAI (Fellow of the RIAI), MRIAI(IRL) (Member practising abroad), Hon. MRIAI (Honorary Member), Hon. FRIAI (Honorary Fellow)
  • Use of the RIAI marks 
  • Use of RIAI site signs