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If you have lost your password please contact quoting your full name and membership number.

Using the Website

Our website has been developed for the latest browsers at time of launch.

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Users with earlier versions of these browsers or other browsers may not be able to view the website or use all of its features.

Visually the website has been designed responsively to work on a wide variety of screen resolutions. The website will scale to fit your screen. In most cases, your screen resolution can be changed by altering the settings on your computer and may affect the display of the site.

The size of text you see on our website is set in our style sheets according to best practice, which is then interpreted by the browser software on your computer. If your computer is displaying the text on our site too small or too large for you to read then you will need to change your browser settings.

Downloading documents

The downloadable files on our website are available as Adobe PDF files. In order to view and print these files, you need to download and install the free Adobe Reader (external link, opens new browser window).

Alternatively, Adobe's website has a form that you can use to convert PDF files into basic HTML documents (external link, opens new browser window) that can be viewed in your browser. To use the form, cut and paste or type the URL of the PDF file you want to be converted into the box on this page.


Links to files (PDF files) and external websites generally open in the same window you are viewing. However, sometimes they will open in a new browser window. You will always be warned in the text if this is going to happen.

Linking Policy

We receive many requests for links to external websites and will only include links to sites that we believe provide useful information that may be of interest to our users.

If you would like to request a link from our website please email Please be sure to include:

  • your name and contact details, including a contact number
  • the name of your organisation and postal address (if appropriate)
  • details of the page(s) you would like the link to appear on
  • a short description of your organisation and why you feel a link to your website would benefit our users.

Please note:

  • we never accept general requests for links - please specify which of our pages you feel would be appropriate for a link
  • we do not usually accept requests for links from commercial (for-profit) organisations
  • the decision whether or not to link to your site will be made by the department(s) responsible for the page(s) you are requesting a link from
  • your request will be dealt with as soon as possible.