About the RIAI

Architecture Matters

The built environment impacts our quality of life — our health, our environment and our economy. In recognising the challenges that Ireland faces in the next century — climate change, population increase, changing demographic profile and increased urbanisation — the RIAI advocates and supports the use of the essential skills of Architects and Architectural Technologists in addressing these issues.

The RIAI, which was founded in 1839, has three main roles:



We support our Architect and Architectural Technologist members.

The RIAI works to support sustainable careers for Members.


We raise the profile of Architecture and the work of Irish Architects.

The RIAI aims to improve everybody’s understanding of the work of Architects and Architectural Technologists and to highlight the importance of Architects’ skills in improving the quality of the built environment.


We protect the public by maintaining standards in the profession. 

RIAI maintains the standards for the profession through registration of the title Architect and through the oversight of the standards of education in universities.

The RIAI is a company limited by guarantee without share capital, registered in Ireland.
Company Registration Number: 003498.
Company Registered Address: 8 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.  
Company Charitable Tax Exemption Number CHY 5436.

The Directors of the Company for 2022 are: Charlotte Sheridan, Sean Mahon, Sinead McLoughlin, Eilis O’Donnell, Gopal Naidoo, John Mitchell, Natalie Walsh,