Professional Conduct Committee

The Building Control Act 2007 (the Act) established the Professional Conduct Committee (the Committee). It is an independent statutory committee. Any person may complain to the Committee concerning the conduct or competence of a Registered Architect.

Professional misconduct is defined as a breach of the RIAI Architects’ Code of Conduct or any other conduct which is disgraceful or dishonourable. Competence is refered to as professional performance and is defined as any failure of a Registered Architect to meet the standards of competence that may reasonably be expected of Registered Architects.

The Committee’s sanction powers are limited by the Act. It cannot make an award of damages or order that your Registered Architect carry out works to rectify something that has gone wrong. It is limited to the imposition of measures relating to the Registered Architect’s registration, such as suspension or erasure from the Register and/or a fine.

Some complaints concern matters that, although related to the practice of architecture, are more appropriately considered by some other adjudicative body. For instance, matters concerning planning, criminal activity, copyright, employment law, or negligence. The Committee may not be able to consider these matters in the first instance but may be able to do so once a decision has been published by the other relevant body.

The complaints procedure is set out in the Rules of the Professional Conduct Committee and Part 6 of the Act. If you are dissatisfied with the Committee’s decision you may appeal the decision to the Appeals Board. The Appeals Board is also a statutory independent board established by the Act.

If you wish to make a complaint about a Registered Architect you can complain to the Committee by filling out the RIAI Fitness to Practise Complaint Form below.