What does an Architect do?

What does an Architect do?

As a member of the RIAI, a Registered Architect has successfully demonstrated the knowledge and expertise required to guide a building project from start to finish.

The role of an Architect involves much more than just design. Through their professional education and experience, Architects are trained to help clients determine a project brief or list of requirements; advise on budgetary outlines and expectations; provide guidance regarding planning and regulatory processes; issue and assess tender documentation; manage consultants such as surveyors and engineers; and administer the construction contract.

As a result, hiring an Architect can result in cost savings, more effective project managment, and a design which best suits your needs.

Architects, too, may offer a range of services. They might manage a project from design to completion, or only be involved during certain parts of it. Together, you and your Architect will identify the service most appropriate to the scale of the proposed works. An Architect's fee will be subsequently dependent on the scope of their appointment.

Services Provided by Architects

The following are some of the services typically offered by Architects as part of the range of their professional competencies. Some Architects may also have specific qualifications in areas such as conservation, urban design, or project management. For further details regarding skillsets available in a particular practice, please contact the Registered Practice in question directly.