CPD Policy

RIAI CPD Policy, guidance and tools provide a support structure to help Registered Architects and Architectural Technologists Members of the RIAI keep up to date and maintain the standards expected of them as professionals. 

The purpose of RIAI CPD Policy is:

  • To support Architects and Architectural Technologists in the production of high quality Architecture
  • To protect the consumer
  • To protect the public interest
  • To protect the Built Environment
  • To increase client satisfaction
  • To increase effectiveness (for the practice)
  • To increase job satisfaction (for the architect or architectural technologist)
  • To promote career advancement (for the employee)
  • To promote the performance and the reputation of the profession

It is the responsibility of each Registered Architect and Architectural Technologist Member to judge the amount and type of CPD activity necessary to maintain the professional skills appropriate to his or her chosen career path, so individuals are generally free to choose topics which are most relevant to their own interests and responsibilities. Any topic which contributes to an individual's professional development maybe appropriate.

Recording your CPD

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