About the Register

The RIAI Register for Architects was launched on 16 November 2009 giving effect to Part 3 of the Building Control Act 2007. For a professional to use the title Architect they must be on the Register.

In addition to meeting strict qualification and assessment requirements to be admitted to the register, architects on the Register are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development and abide by the Architects’ Code of Conduct.

The RIAI carries out the statutory duties of Registration Body and Competent Authority on a self-funding basis.

The relevant sections of the Building Control Act 2007 are:

Part 1: Preliminary and General (Sections 1 - 2)

Part 3: Registration of Architects (Sections 13 - 27)

Part 6: Fitness to Practice (Sections 56 - 59)

Part 7: Miscellaneous Provisions (Sections 60 - 73)