• 01 Sep 2021

TidyTowns Handbook

The RIAI is delighted to partner with the TidyTowns Competition 2021 by providing 3 Special Awards to support TidyTowns committees. These awards have been developed with support from the RIAI Urban Design Committee.  

The SuperValu TidyTowns competition commenced in 1958 and has since become Ireland’s best-known sustainable and environmental initiative. The competition is administered by the Department of Rural and Community Development and has been proudly sponsored by SuperValu since 1991.

The Handbook, which has been prepared with input from the national panel of TidyTowns Adjudicators replaces the previous version issued in 2010.

The new version is divided into sections, each category is covered individually, however, groups are advised not to read each section in isolation from the others. Landscaping has an important role to play in the adjudication of categories including; Streetscapes and Public Places, Residential Streets and Housing Areas and Approach Roads, Streets and Lanes. Tidiness and Litter control, likewise will be looked at in a number of categories. We would therefore, encourage you to refer to all categories regardless of the project or initiative being undertaken.

There is also a general section which contains information that all groups will find beneficial regarding the everyday matters that groups will encounter, financial, administrative etc. Information is also contained to help new groups in establishing themselves in a safe and secure manner. 

We hope you find the information in the Handbook of benefit in preparing for entry to the competition.

For further information on the Handbook, visit here.