• 20 Nov 2018

RIAI Launches 6th Edition of the RIAI Good Practice Guide

RIAI Good Practice Guide - 6 Edition 2018

Dublin, 20 November, the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) is delighted to launch a fully updated and expanded edition of the RIAI Good Practice Guide – its flagship document in RIAI Member services to Architects and Architectural Practices. The Good Practice Guide is the key RIAI publication providing guidance to Members on running projects and practices.

The Good Practice Guide has evolved over recent years and is an online tool. The 6th edition of the guide is the most interactive edition to-date, offering substantial Appendices with key documents used in the practice of architecture for download. The 6th edition of the Good Practice Guide also offers a wealth of updated technical information and the entire document is fully searchable for advice relating to wide range of areas in architectural practice.

Speaking at the launch at the RIAI Members’ Meeting in Dublin on 20 November, RIAI CEO Kathryn Meghen said: “We are delighted to bring Members this new edition of the RIAI Good Practice Guide, which has been completely updated to feature the latest technical information and a great user experience, including a fully searchable document with a suite of documents for download. The Good Practice Guide is the keystone of RIAI Services to Member Practices, who receive a free online access with their Practice Membership. Individual Members can also purchase the Good Practice Guide Online.” Kathryn concluded: “We are delighted about our partnership with KBC Business Banking who have come on board to support this flagship RIAI publication.”

Garrett O'Donohoe, Head of KBC Business Banking, said: “KBC, who have been providing banking services in Ireland for over 45 years, is delighted to partner with the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland on the Good Practice Guide. Architects are a core part of our business and we have developed a business banking proposition that puts Architects at the heart of it. Some of the changes in this edition not only reflect the requirements of the Building Control Amendment Regulations (BCAR) and other legislative changes, but also derive from Members’ feedback from previous editions and their experience of what is influencing change in their practice.

Key Features of the RIAI Good Practice Guide (6th Edition)

Updated Content - This fully-updated and expanded edition:

  • Reflects regulatory changes such as the introduction of Building Control (Amendment) Regulations.
  • Incorporates feedback from the operation of the Public Works Contracts and recent changes to them.
  • Provides updates to some of the Management Procedures to reflect developments in updated International Quality Management Standards.
  • Features updates on the Planning Regulations and Acts as they are implemented.
  • Includes new and applicable Health & Safety Legislation.
  • Incorporates developments in the approach to accessibility for everyone. This includes a move beyond a ‘regulations compliance’ approach to one based on seeking equality, inclusiveness and enjoyment of buildings and their surroundings by all. This remains an area that requires greater focus.
  • Features the formulation of a set of competences, describing what is required of Registered Architects. These were developed as part of the Registration process. These competencies remind us of the complexity of the body of knowledge required to practice.

Improved User Experience, features include:

  • An interactive online document.
  • A fully searchable document, allowing users to find information quickly.
  • 14 new downloadable key documents in the Appendices.

Feedback from members is an important part of the RIAI Good Practice Guide’s evolution and the RIAI is looking forward to receiving feedback on the 6th edition.

For queries, please contact: Sandra O'Connell, Director of Communications, soconnell@riai.ie, T 016691474; Elaine McCarthy, RIAI IT Manager, EMcCarthy@riai.ie, T 016761703.

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