• 15 Nov 2022

Planning & Development and Foreshore (Amendment) Bill 2022 – RIAI Submission

RIAI welcomed the invitation to provide a submission on the Pre-Legislative Scrutiny of the General Scheme of the Planning and Development and Foreshore (Amendment) Bill 2022, associated with the provisions for appointments to An Bord Pleanála (ABP); and has made recommendations on a range of areas where we believe changes will create a more efficient and effective delivery system:

  • The Strategic Long Term Vision Plan
  • Three-Dimensional Area-Based Development Plan
  • Resourcing
  • Appointments to the Board
  • Appointment to the Inspectorate
  • Board Composition for Decision Making
  • Timescale
  • Code of Conduct and Disclosures
  • OPR and Powers to Investigate Complaints
  • Quality in Built Environment and Architecture

The Institute believes that we must take a long-term, holistic view of how and where we deliver our housing and built infrastructure whilst we meet new improved standards of building and deliver new models of increased density to ensure that our damage to the planet and our impact on climate change are reversed, with key senior, competent skillsets to be appointed in the right place, at the right time; to ensure that certainty and momentum can be sustained; and be relied upon to deliver on ambitious national targets in the complex, evolving built environment space.  

RIAI Submission is available here