• 08 Oct 2020

Minister of State for Heritage, Malcolm Noonan Launches Limited Printed Edition of Old House New Home








From LR: Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform, Malcolm Noonan and RIAI CEO Kathryn Meghen

Dublin, 8 October 2020: To support the owners of older residences, including historic houses and protected structures, the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI), with funding from the Department of Housing Local Government & Heritage and Creative Ireland, has published a guide to conservation and renovation, Old House New Home.

Old House New Home is available to download online for free. A limited print edition will be available from the RIAI Bookshop. Copies will be sold at €10 each. The RIAI is also offering additional resources, including videos which can be found on our website.

The launch of the printed edition of Old House New Home coincides with the annual Open House Dublin 2020, which takes place from the 8-11 October. 

What the Building Told Us - Old House New Home

18 Ormond Quay – Restoration of a Dublin Street Building

The Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform, Malcolm Noonan, TD, welcomed the RIAI publication of Old House New Home, supported by his Department and by Creative Ireland, “Old House New Home is an innovative e-publication offering free guidance and advice on repairing and reusing historic buildings. It allows homeowners the opportunity to reimagine their old home for contemporary living, while maintaining the character and craftsmanship that come with historic properties. The guide examines a number of cases studies inspired by owners, and delivered through the collaboration of talented builders, designers and craftsmen that took on, for the most part, a journey into the unknown and were richly rewarded for their efforts and focus. The projects are of different scales and construction but all speak of time taken in a considered way, picking up the clues of the past, understanding old ways of building and past modifications made to incorporate new uses. The challenge to bring them back to life is overcome by using traditional skills and techniques, their story and overall heritage value is wonderfully communicated whilst achieving their upgrade to high quality contemporary living accommodation. The success of many of these case studies is not just in the design of new works but also in the repair and conservation of historic fabric and retention of character.”

The Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage through various policies and strategies on architecture and the historic built environment seeks to promote awareness and understanding of heritage-led regeneration with well-considered design as a benefit to the environment and to society as a whole. Old House New Home – supported by the Department of Housing Local Government & Heritage and the Creative Ireland Programme, which supports the creative potential of people, organisations and government departments working together, sharing expertise, to catalyse ideas and action – hopes to encourage more people to consider the repair and reuse of vacant or under-utilised buildings in our urban neighbourhoods and towns and in rural settings’.

Kathryn Meghen, RIAI CEO added: “Old House New Home is an important new online resource for the owners of existing properties, including protected structures. It provides best-practice architectural advice and beautifully illustrated case studies to support and inspire homeowners in reimagining these buildings. The adaptation of derelict or vacated buildings offer distinct and unique opportunities but can be daunting, where their original qualities are masked by poor condition or previous alterations. Conserving or adapting an existing building is a complex process that requires architectural advice from the outset. A Registered Architect has the necessary skill-set to unlock the potential of your project. With protected structures, architects with expertise in conservation can provide the advice and guidance needed. These buildings provide exciting opportunities and with the right advice and guidance can provide beautiful homes for generations to come.”

The Extraordinary Ordinary - Open House Dublin 2020 will take place from the 8-11 October. The Irish Architecture Foundation promotes excellence in architecture and has been connecting people to architecture for fifteen years. Open House Dublin is their flagship event. It is a festival that celebrates great architecture and urban design and the people that contribute to the creation of Dublin. Open House Dublin is part of the Open House Worldwide Family, connected to 48 sibling cities, who collectively have become a charged global force for public engagement in architecture.

The Extraordinary Ordinary is a homage to the ordinary, the lived experience, and reveals how buildings frame and support life. The spaces architects make are not removed from the ordinary business of life – they are right in the thick of it, providing accommodation for living, for working, for culture, for religion and for leisure.

Old House New Home – Online Publication is available for free download on the RIAI website.