Appeal from Foley + Crowley Architects to support Irish Red Cross – Beirut Lebanon Emergency
  • 11 Aug 2020

Appeal from Foley + Crowley Architects to support Irish Red Cross – Beirut Lebanon Emergency

To all our Friends and Colleagues,

Foley + Crowley Architects have been horrified at the recent devastation in Beirut, Lebanon, and have decided to help out.  To that end, we have set up a fundraising campaign in support of the Irish Red Cross - BEIRUT LEBANON EMERGENCY APPEAL.

James’ brother-in-law is from Beirut, and his family live a 20minute drive from the port explosion site - their apartment and their bakery have been badly damaged in the blast. The scale of destruction is hard to comprehend - had it been Dublin, every building within the 2 canals would be devastated (see map below), and every building outside of this to the M50 would have been severely damaged.

Had it been in Cork City, the damage would have reached Cork Airport to the south and Little Island to the east. This to a country that was already on its knees with coronavirus infections, experiencing extreme financial difficulties and depreciation of their currency, and state corruption.

We started our campaign with backing of the Irish Red Cross, and are targeting the construction industry for support. This is just our industry and we would love the support of individuals and other groups/representatives to push this appeal. If your office/ business/ employer will donate or sponsor the appeal, then please ask them to do so - please share this in your workplace.

The people of Ireland have a longstanding connection with Lebanon, mainly through our peacekeeping missions there, and we are hoping that they can help again in this particular time of need.

There is a tax relief on individual donations of 250 Euro or more, meaning that a 250 Euro donation actually means 362 Euro to the Irish Red Cross, a 300 Euro donation means 435 Euro, and so on.

We realise that these are difficult times for people in Ireland and that money for donations may not be readily found, but times are much much worse for the people of Beirut.  If you can not donate money, then please share this page, as that in itself is helping.  If you can donate money, then please do so and let people know!

If you have any other queries, you can contact us at

Le buíochas,
Feargal Foley + James Crowley