• 09 Nov 2021

2021 Global Architecture Exchanges: Topic 4 - Pandemic & Practice: On Site at The Marshall Building, LSE, Lincoln’s Inn Fields with Grafton Architects

The Global Architecture Exchanges are a unique online series of talks hosted in collaboration with other professional, global institutes of architects where we explore how architects are tackling universal challenges.

Join the RIAI on 17 and 18 November for the last topic of the year – Pandemic & Practice: On Site at The Marshall Building, LSE, Lincoln's Inn Fields with Grafton Architects representing Ireland.  Anne Henry, David Healy and Fiona Hughes will discuss design and delivery of the new Marshall Building for the LSE during the pandemic. They will be joined by speakers from the UK, Netherlands, Brazil, China, South Korea and New Zealand.  

Register for:

Session 1 - 17 November, 7am GMT: This session includes speakers from the Ireland, UK, Netherlands, China, South Korea, New Zealand

Session 2 - 18 November, 4pm GMT: This session includes speakers from the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Brazil

The event will be recorded, and the recording will be available at a later date.


About the Session

Technology is a tool which has enabled us to change how we practise architecture. Now is the opportunity to use the same tool to address social inequalities and encourage more diversity in the workplace (gender equality, social background, inclusivity).

How solutions currently being implemented in response to COVID-19 can reinforce, and potentially worsen some of the challenges that discourage a more diverse profession?

Join us and hear perspectives from architects on how COVID-19 demonstrates that the profession is resilient and open to change, through the Global Architecture Exchanges Topic 4 – The impacts of COVID-19 on the way we practise architecture. This session includes speakers from Ireland, UK, Netherlands, China, South Korea, New Zealand.


Watch the recordings of the '2021 Global Architecture Exchanges: People, planet, profession' here