RIAI CPD Network

Continuing Professional Development is central to the architectural profession. Commercial companies operating in the construction industry and wishing to engage with RIAI members are encouraged to consider developing a CPD presentation for RIAI assessment.

What is the RIAI CPD Network?

The RIAI CPD Network is a partnership between the RIAI and commercial companies operating within the construction industry. Commercial companies develop and provide quality, relevant presentations for an architectural audience within a designated time frame. The RIAI CPD Network Providers’ Scheme is a source of approved quality CPD topics for the architectural profession.

Commercial Opportunities available to an RIAI approved CPD Network Provider

  • Networking via sponsorship of RIAI Events and RIAI CPD.
  • Participation in Lunch & Learn CPD at the RIAI.
  • Participation in RIAI CPD Network Roadshow and Members Meeting.
  • Support to RIAI Architecture Annual Awards.
  • Support to RIAI Medals.
  • Support to RIAI Student Awards.
  • Support to RIAI Conservation Induction Module.

Please contact the RIAI if the RIAI CPD Network or sponsorship are areas your organisation would like to plan for. Email: info@riai.ie.