CPD Network

What is the RIAI CPD Network?

The RIAI CPD Network is a partnership between the RIAI and a commercial company, operating within the construction industry, wishing to develop and provide a quality, relevant presentation for an architectural audience. Each CPD Network Provider is assessed by the CPD Network Assessment panel. A CPD presentation provides relevant information to Architects and Architectural Technologists practicing in Ireland, which is interesting, technical and topical, with clear learning outcomes. A CPD network presentation is not a sales pitch or product promotion.

What is the purpose of CPD?

It is the responsibility of each member of a profession to maintain his or her professional skills, and to take steps to stay well-informed about developments in the field. Effective CPD results in better buildings, increased consumer protection and client satisfaction, better job satisfaction and career advancement for the architectural employee and greater success for the architectural practice.

What are the benefits of the CPD Network to RIAI Members? 

RIAI CPD Network Presentations are recognised by RIAI members as having achieved the high standard set via panel assessment and an accreditation process and therefore meeting RIAI CPD requirements. It is mandatory for Architects and Architectural Technologists to achieve 40 CPD points on an annual basis. One way to do this is by attending a number of free presentations that are RIAI CPD Network approved. RIAI CPD Network Providers are acknowledged as delivering learning outcomes directly relevant to architectural practice in Ireland. One hour of Structured CPD will include Q&A and equates to one structured CPD point.

What are the benefits of RIAI CPD Network Approval to a Commercial Company? 

A commercial company has the opportunity to demonstrate in-depth knowledge and expertise of a subject area via an RIAI CPD Network presentation. This educational tool helps the commercial company to build trust and develop relationships within their target architectural audience i.e. RIAI Members. An RIAI CPD Network Logo is a quality mark from the RIAI which can be used in relation to the approved CPD presentation, reassuring RIAI members that standards have been met. Further opportunities to build relationships with the RIAI are opened once a company becomes an RIAI CPD Network Provider, including: Sponsorship opportunities, Network opportunities, Roadshow participation, involvement with RIAI Awards, and facilities for Lunch & Learn CPD at the RIAI.

The RIAI supports CPD Network Provider in the following ways:

  • Issue of the RIAI CPD Network Approval Certificate confirming that the presentation meets the required standard.
  • Issue of the RIAI CPD Network Logo for use in relation to the approved CPD.
  • Listing of the CPD title and contact details on the RIAI website, with links to the RIAI CPD Network Provider’s website.
  • Model attendance certificate template which is issued by the CPD Network Provider to RIAI members.
  • General support relating to the approved CPD/FAQs.
  • Promotion of the CPD Network Scheme to RIAI Members and RIAI Member Practices.

Additional benefits include:

  • Quality control for marketing/technical information initiatives. Obligatory 5-year reassessment of CPD content.
  • Enhanced corporate/product image. Reduced chance of a product being poorly or inappropriately used.
  • Increased relevance of the CPD topic for the Irish market; not just the legislation, but also its climate, industry methods, construction techniques, trade skills.

What guidance does the RIAI offer to commercial companies applying for the CPD Network? 

  • Guidelines for developing effective and educational seminars that qualify as CPD.
  • Submission checklist.
  • Feedback in the form of a Panel Report from practicing architects who understand the needs and attitudes of your potential audience.

RIAI Disclaimer

The provision of factually accurate and transparent information is the full and sole responsibility of the RIAI CPD Network Provider. The RIAI accepts no liability whatsoever for the quality and veracity of information. The RIAI does not take responsibility for any aspect of the information provided, or for the application of such information, or for outcomes of any decisions made on foot of such information. The RIAI approval is for the educational aspect the presentation only (not the component, building material, service or the company). RIAI approval does not imply in any way that the materials, components, services or companies are recommended or approved by the RIAI nor does it confer any particular status or endorsement on such materials, components, services or companies.

How can your company become CPD Network approved?


Tel. + 353 (0)1 676 1703

Email: cpd@riai.ie