• 20 Jan 2023

RIAI Strategy 2023-2027

The RIAI is delighted to launch its new five-year Strategy for 2023-2027. As we look toward the future and the next five years, there will be opportunities and challenges and the new RIAI Strategy will help us embrace and face these head on. The Strategy has been developed to promote architecture that serves our society and environment, support Members in the practice of architecture and their career progression, and to protect standards through registration and continuous professional development and learning within the architectural profession. 

To give direction and clarity to the RIAI’s work, the RIAI Council spent considerable time researching and developing the new RIAI Strategy. With this in mind, the Strategy has been built on the RIAI core values; professional, progressive, collaborative, creative, and inclusive. These values support us in ensuring the organisation is promoting architecture that delivers sustainable, creative and resilient solutions to serve our society and our environment.

Our vision is to inspire excellence in architecture to deliver a sustainable and resilient future. As an organisation, we look forward to leading the RIAI to drive the Strategy forward and ensure that the important work of the RIAI and its Members is recognised and valued. The Institute is for all Members and we encourage all Members to engage with us, whether it be through committees and taskforces or attendance at events or regional meetings. 

A special ‘thank you’ must go to the following Members who were part of the RIAI Strategy Group:

Sean Mahon FRIAI - Chair 
Eilis O’Donnell FRIAI 
James O’Donoghue FRIAI 
Orla O’Kane MRIAI 
Michael Pike MRIAI 
Derek Tynan FRIAI 
Natalie Walsh MRIAI