• 25 Feb 2021

New Architecture at the Edge Outreach Project Announced in Collaboration with Matt + Fiona

The Architecture at the Edge team announced an exciting new project in collaboration with education organisation Matt + Fiona.

MATT+FIONA is a social enterprise that believes all young people should have the opportunity to shape their built environment. Through their collaborations they offer unique, hands-on education programmes for children and young adults, which enable them to directly create full scale places and spaces.

Design Lab / a space for belonging, aims to empower young people to physically realise the ideas in their imaginations and open their eyes to the potential of a better designed built environment. The programme is open to all Galway schools, with a focus on students in 3rd Year and 4th Year/ Transition Year.

For the 2021 programme AATE have invited 3 groups of up to 30 students at Colaiste Bhaile Chlair and Dominican College, Taylors Hill and Colaiste na Coiribe in Galway to take part in this innovative and inspiring new architecture education programme, which will run from April to June and September 2021. It will enable and empower the students to participate in a genuine creative, design process that results in real design for a space or place.

Architecture at the Edge is excited to work on this project together with Matt + Fiona, a collaborative venture between architect Matthew Springett and educator Fiona MacDonald, built on a long history of working together on architectural education initiatives.

Through their collaborations, they offer unique, hands-on education programmes for children and young adults inspired by place. The programme will take students on a journey through a real-life design and build process.

AATE is seeking creative architects, artists and designers and engaging architecture, art & design graduates to join this exciting initiative to empower the next generation to develop their ideas for the future of the local area.

Through Design Lab, you will enable them to develop ideas for a ‘Space for Belonging’ - with AATE and MATT+FIONA’s support. The initiative will involve training, facilitating creative workshops and joining an ambitious ‘Proto-Build’.

Starting in April 2021 and culminating with the ‘Proto-Build’ in Autunm 2021, Design Lab is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and creativity with young people and teachers in a fun and engaging way. All workshops and the final build stage will be held separately within each school. All Covid safety controls will be followed.

To apply, please visit the AATE website, http://www.architectureathteedge.com for more information or to apply email a completed application form and CV to architecture.edge@gmail.com.

Closing date for applications is Monday, 8 March.