• 16 Feb 2024

A/B/C: Gender Balance, Diversity & Inclusion in Architecture

In 2018, the Architect's Council of Europe established a ‘Women in Architecture’ taskforce, whose main objective is to develop innovative strategies for balancing gender gaps in the architectural profession.

In 2020, the taskforce developed a Gender Policy Statement, which shows how diversity increases the value of our profession and our built environment, and how equal opportunity is an essential component for a healthy architectural profession, environment and society.

With the support of the Creative Europe of the European Union, the ACE has now released the A/B/C: Gender balance, diversity and inclusion in architecture.

"As European architects we are committed to promoting the value of a gender equity and diverse profession to build inclusive workplaces for future generations. The A/B/C handbook is a toolkit specifically designed for and with the architecture profession to promote gender equality, diversity, equity and inclusion at work. It provides the knowledge and the guidance on how to effectively promote the transformational journey to more inclusive and responsible organisations and work practices" stated Ruth Schagemann, ACE President.

This is a call to action, a handbook, a manifesto, a practical tool for change, a voice, a commitment, a timely guide, a timeless demand, a reminder to keep learning, a conversation and a distillation of a grander narrative.

"Now that you have the A/B/C guide to gender balance, diversity and inclusion in architecture in your hands, you can get started right away" urged Ursula Faix, Chair of the ACE ‘Women in Architecture’ task-force. "In the 'Actions' section, the most important measures are listed, whatever the size of your organisation. In the 'Benefits' section, you’ll see that it really does pay to take action on gender balance, diversity and inclusion in your business. If you’re not an activist, you’ll get your ideas from offices that have already committed to gender balance, diversity and inclusion measures. You can read the interviews and see how the culture of an office changes everything." 


Download the A/B/C: Gender balance, diversity and inclusion in architecture here.