Honorary Members

Honorary Members are entitled to use the affix Hon. MRIAI.

Persons not being in architectural practice in Ireland are awarded this title for their distinguished service to architecture or the allied arts and sciences. They shall be eligible to be associated with the Institute as Honorary Members without any contribution. Honorary Members shall not have any vote in affairs of the Institute but have the privilege of being present at general meetings of the Institute.

The following are Honorary Members of the RIAI:


  • Paolo Barrata
  • Sean Benton
  • Christine Casey
  • Caroline Constant
  • John Fitzgerald
  • Dick Gleeson
  • Yury Gnedoviskiy
  • David Griffin
  • Desmond Guinness
  • Dr. Peter Harbison
  • Hubert-Jan Henket
  • Rudolf Jochem
  • Declan Kennedy
  • Justin Kilcullen
  • Paul Larmour
  • Rolf Loeber
  • Laura Magahy
  • Des Mahon
  • Pasqual Maragall
  • Camilla McAleese
  • Frank McDonald
  • Myles McSwiney
  • Glenn Murcutt
  • Gerry Murphy
  • Ciaran Murray
  • Kevin Nowlan
  • John O'Regan
  • Thomas Rice
  • Nicholas Robinson
  • Prof. Alistair Rowan
  • Ellen Catherine Rowley
  • Raymond Ryan
  • Mahmood Sairally
  • Seamus Ward
  • Michael Warren
  • Primrose Wilson