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Launch of the RIAI Statement of Policy on Education

Published: Friday, November 04, 2016

RIAI Education Policy
In 2015 RIAI Council and the Board of Architectural Education (BAE) convened an expert group to review the RIAI Statement of Policy on Architectural Education.

The RIAI Statement of Policy on Architectural Education was last updated in 2001. Key legislative developments since that time include:

  • Registration of Title under the Building Control Act 2007
  • Directive 2005/36/EC
  • EU wide recognition of academic qualifications
  • RIAI as Registration Body and Competent Authority for architecture in Ireland

One of the aims of the policy review was to address the legal and regulatory obligations associated with the RIAI’s new role. The expert group comprised representatives from the RIAI Council, Practice Committee, Board of Architectural Education, and the RIAI Executive. As part of the review process the group convened a series of forums with the various stakeholders in architectural education.

This included students, graduates, early career architects and architectural technologists, as well as the educators of architects and architectural technologists and the heads of the accredited schools of architecture and architectural technology. The main purpose of the forums was to facilitate discussion on the significant issues that each stakeholder thought the policy should address.

The discussion concluded with a wider forum which included representatives of all stakeholders including the RIAI, educators, students, recent graduates, recently registered architects and experienced architects and architectural technologists in practice.

RIAI Education PolicyDownload RIAI Statement of Policy on Architectural Education. PDF File (1692 KB)

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