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Review of RIAI CPD Roadshow: Reflections on BC(A)R and Members’ Meetings

Published: Thursday, March 30, 2017

RIAI CPD Roadshow: Reflections on BC(A)R

RIAI CPD Roadshow, Dublin (28th)

RIAI CPD Roadshow, Galway (23rd)

RIAI CPD Roadshow, Cork (20th)

Sponsored by Kingspan 

The “RIAI CPD Roadshow: Reflections on BC(A)R” took place in Cork (20th), Galway (23rd) and Dublin (28th) in March. The aim of this CPD was to offer RIAI Members and Practices an opportunity to reflect on their approach to the requirement to demonstrate compliance with the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations and to see how others are addressing this requirement.

Time has passed quickly since the introduction into legislation of S.I. 9 of 2014. The RIAI considered it appropriate to reflect on how RIAI Members and Practices have responded to this new challenge, either by providing architectural services as part of the client’s requirements by acting as Assigned Certifiers, or by limiting the service  to providing Design Certifier services only.

Many developments have occurred including the electronic lodgement system provided by the BCMS which is part of an on-going development process; the setting up of the Construction Industry Registration Ireland (CIRI) as a voluntary process by the CIF, to be followed by a statutory system promised and in the ‘pipeline’, by DHPCLG.

Latent Defects Insurance is now commercially available, and it availability is part of a wider picture that is intended to protect the consumer, and in turn protect the Architect, where defects are remedied through these insurance products. The challenge with LDI is to get the construction industry to use the product for consumer protection, either through Builders, Developers, Law Society, or financial institutions providing mortgages as part of the conveyancing process.

All BC(A)R information is accessible on the Members' area of the RIAI website including archival documents. 

The CPD Roadshow was opened with a reflection by Clare McManus MRIAI, a Member of RIAI Council and the RIAI BC(A)R Steering Group. 

Anthony Brabazon FRIAI, ABA architects, spoke about his approach to both the role of the Design Certifier and the role of the Assigned Certifier.


The CPD opened with a reflection by Clare McManus, a Member of RIAI Council and the RIAI BC(A)R Steering Group, on S.I.9 of the Building Control Amendment Regulations and developments since their publication.

Joe Miller, RIAI Practice Director spoke about important change to the DHPCLG Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Building Works.

Three architects from small (Anthony Brabazon, ABA architects), medium (Ciaran O’Brien, OBFA Architects) and large (Rory Murphy, Henry J. Lyons Architects) private practices spoke at RIAI CPD’s in 2014/2015 about their approach to both the role of the Design Certifier and the role of the Assigned Certifier. We welcomed them back to this CPD Roadshow to provide an update two years on and to reflect on any changes they have made to their approach since the legislation was introduced.

All speakers endorsed the value of Members working together to upskill in this and other areas of practice. Anthony Brabazon invited members, particularly those in small practice, to join the online RIAI Small Practice Forum (email anthony@abaarchitects.ie to receive an invitation to join the online forum), and members were encouraged to form small CPD groups in their own locality and meet on a regular basis to update each other on developments in legislation, share their own approach and explore important publications, such as the TGDs, together as a study group. Participation this type of “study group” counts as Structured CPD (see bottom of page 15 of the RIAI CPD Policy Guidance Document).

The CPDs were very well attended by members and feedback was very positive showing that those who attended learned from the presentations, benefited from the subsequent questions to the expert panel of speakers, and enjoyed the opportunity to network with colleagues attending this important CPD event. Over 40 members attended each of the deliveries of the CPD in Cork and Galway and 130 members attended in Dublin.

We wish to thank all of our speakers who so generously shared their thoughts, experience and processes with our members. We also thank Kingspan  who sponsored the RIAI CPD Roadshow and generously offered an iPad Mini as a prize in a free draw at each location visit

RIAI CEO Kathryn Meghen & President Carole Pollard with Kingspan representatives(L-R) Stephen Nulty & Ger Higgins

RIAI CEO Kathryn Meghen & RIAI President Carole Pollard with Kingspan representatives (L-R) Stephen Nulty & Ger Higgins

RIAI Members’ Meetings

Each of the sessions in the CPD Roadshow was followed by an RIAI Members’ Meeting hosted by Carole Pollard, RIAI President, and Kathryn Meghen, RIAI CEO.

Kathryn and Carole provided an update on the full range of activities the RIAI is undertaking to promote the value of architecture, support our members and help make architecture a more sustainable career. The Members’ Meetings were very well-attended and are an important part of the RIAI’s plans for more direct member engagement.  

The RIAI CPD Roadshow and Members’ Meetings will run again in Autumn 2017 and will visit two regional centres, different to those visited in March 2017. The Autumn CPD Roadshow will focus on the Technical Guidance Documents.

We thank all those members who travelled to attend the RIAI CPD Roadshow and the RIAI Members’ Meetings and shared their valuable experience and opinions with the RIAI and their fellow members.

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