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Over 300 Attend RIAI BIM Workshops and Final Presentation

Published: Friday, November 11, 2011

The RIAI BIM Workshops – which took place in the RIAI offices over four days from 1st to 4th November – proved highly popular with over 200 visitors from the profession and construction industry dropping in during the week to see ‘BIM in Action’, whilealmost 100 industry leaders attended the final workshop presentation at the RIAI on the 9th November. The workshops showcased a fully collaborative design team of industry consultants, working in BIM (Building Information Modelling) on a primary school design project with the Department of Education and Skills. The team explored and investigated some of the BIM software tools and processes available, to assess the potential benefits to the design process.  Ralph Montague, Chairman of the RIAI BIM practice sub-committee, says the workshops intended to showcase BIM as a more efficient and effective way for project teams to collaborate, promoting a higher level of understanding and adoption of BIM within the profession and construction industry. “Unlike in the traditional design process where architectscreate drawings to make a building, the BIM process allows architects to create a 3D virtual building first, and sort out problems in the design before a building gets to site. The drawings are a bi-product of this process”, explains Montague. The Department of Education, who indicated that they understood the benefits demonstrated through the workshops, is considering ideas on how they could support the industry to use this process. The OPW, who attended the workshops also, announced that they intend to conduct their own pilot study into the use of BIM.

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