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Misuse of the Title Architect

Published: Friday, November 18, 2011

The RIAI will be initiating their campaign for compliance with the provisions of the Building Control Act 2007 from week commencing Monday 21 November. This phase will involve the issue of letters to all of those included on the RIAI’s compliance database. The database includes those whose services may have been advertised under the title ‘architect’ or about whom the RIAI has received queries or complaints from third parties.

 The letters will advise recipients as to the provisions of the Building Control Act 2007, use of the title ‘architect’, and the options available to those using the title architect in contravention of the law. The options include applying for registration on the basis of recognised qualifications; seeking registration through assessment mechanisms such as Technical Assessment and desisting from use of the title architect, which can be confirmed by use of an undertaking which will go out with the letters.

The RIAI has written a letter to the Members of the Oireachtas. The letter can be down-loaded from this link.

For anyone wishing to find out more, and for those who may need to address their own situation but have not yet have received a letter, a Frequently Asked Questions document relating to compliance is available from this link.

Using the title architect in combination with any other words or letters or name title or description implying that a person is registered is an offence which, on summary conviction will result in a fine to a fine not exceeding €5,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or both.

Ensuring compliance with the Act is an essential aspect of the consumer protection objective of the Act. It is through the mechanisms of ensuring that all persons and businesses using the title architect

  1. have demonstrated the required standard of knowledge, skill and competence to describe themselves as architects and
  2. are bound by the Code of Conduct under legislation providing clients with clear access to recourse if problems arise (including misconduct and poor professional performance) through judicial and non-judicial means

that consumers can be properly informed and appropriately protected.



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