Returning to the Register

There are two routes to returning to the Register: Readmission and Reinstatement.

Readmission is Route R1 and is available to persons who:

  • were an RIAI Member prior to November 2009 but have not been registered in Ireland to date;
  • resigned, withdrew, or were suspended from the Register;
  • were removed from the Register for non-payment of the annual charge.

Route R1 Category B assessments are run on a cyclical basis:

Category B submission deadline noon 20/01/2020 18/05/2020 14/09/2020
Interview Feb/March June/July October

Reinstatement is Route R2 and is only available to persons who were removed from the register for non-payment of their Annual Charge. Route R2 requires:

  • the back payment of all outstanding Annual Charges;
  • the applicant to demonstrate compliance with outstanding CPD requirements.