Other routes to registration

Admission under Route P is open to Irish citizens who have no formal qualification in architecture but can demonstrate that they are especially distinguished by the quality of their work in the field of architecture.

Admission under the 1997 Minister's List is through Route M.

The criteria for entry for this route is set out in sub-sections 14 (2)(d) and 14 (7) of the Building Control Act 2007 namely: a person who a notice in writing, dated 7 January 1997, 13 March 1997 or 11 June 1997, was sent by the Minister stating that the person was successful in their application to be included in the relevant list. The “relevant list” means list of persons whom the Minister had proposed to certify under the terms of the amendment that the State had proposed should be made, in accordance with the procedures under the Treaty establishing the European Community, to Council Directive 85/384/EEC 2 of 10 June 1985 on the mutual recognition of diplomas, certificates, and other evidence of formal qualifications in architecture, including measures to facilitate the effective exercise of the right to establishment and freedom to provide services.

If you received a letter from the Minister in 1997 please email the Admissions Office.