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RIAI Conservation Induction Module Grade 3, 2019


Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Refer to the course programme (see link below)


  • Tuesday  29th January, Ashling Hotel (Parkgate Street, Dublin 8)
  • Wednesday 30th January,  Ashling Hotel 
  • Thursday  31st January,  Lecture and demo at RIAI, tour of Irish Architectural Archive
  • Tuesday 5th February,  site vist TBC
  • Wednesday 6th February,  Ashling Hotel
  • Thursday 7th February,  Ashling Hotel


RIAI Practices €995 RIAI Member €1085 (Prices shown include individual accreditation, refreshments, assessment exercise, course notes and individual accreditation fee and are refundable if candidate is unsuccessful in the CIM examination).

Event Information

To reserve a place on this course log-in on the CPD Home Page with your Username (usually your Membership/Registration Number) and Password and click the BOOK ONLINE button beside your chosen course.

CPD Points: RIAI CPD Points    structured          RIAI CPD Points unstructured 


RIAI Conservation Programme TBC

The RIAI are pleased to announce that the biennial RIAI Conservation Induction Module Grade 3 will take place on the following dates:-

Day 1:  Tuesday 29 January, Ashling Hotel
Day 2:   Wednesday 30th January, Ashling Hotel
Day 3:  Thursday 31st January at RIAI & Irish Architectural Archive
Day 4:  Tuesday 5th February site vist TBC
Day 5:   Wednesday 6th February, Ashling Hotel
Day 6:   Thursday 7th February, Ashling Hotel

The Course is for RIAI Registered Architects only.

New sessions for 2019  include a guided site visit (venue to be confirmed) and a guided tour of the facilities available at the Irish Architectural Archive, in addition to the popular demonstration on the mixing and application of lime render and in-classroom lectures from a wide range of conservation experts.

RIAI Registered Architects who successfully complete the Conservation Induction Module Assessment Exercise are eligible to apply for 'Architect Accredited in Conservation at Grade 3'. 

Course Objective:

The aim of the module is to provide participants with an introduction to the principles and practice of architectural conservation. Participants should finish the course with enough awareness of the concepts and of the tools available to form the basis for a responsible approach to work on protected structures and on our architectural heritage in general.

CPD Point Breakdown:

Phase 1 Home Study             30 Unstructured
Phase 2 Lectures                   30 Structured
Phase 3 Assessment             40 Structured
Associated Study                   30 Unstructured
Total                                       70 Structured and 60 Unstructured points

Course Format:
The Module will be structured in three phases:

Phase 1: The Document Pack
A Conservation Document Pack will be distributed in early January. Participants will be expected to read and familiarise themselves with the contents of the documents in the pack before Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2: Lecture Sessions
This Phase will be scheduled for six days over two weeks consisting of in-classroom seminars and discussions, a guided site visit to a protected structure, live lime demonstrations and a guided tour of the Irish Architectural Archive. 

Phase 3: Assessment
The assessment will consist of one exercise involving both factual and scenario-based questions. The exercise, which will be ‘open-book’ format, will be issued to participants for completion within a given time frame but at a location (home, office . . .) of their own choosing. 

The Assessment Exercise will be issued on Friday 22nd Feburary 2019 and must be returned by Friday 22 March 2019*.

*IMPORTANT: It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that they are aware of the timetable for RIAI Conservation Induction Module lecture series as described above and to ensure that they will be available to undertake the examination within the time period displayed above. If a candidate is not available to complete the examination or assessment during the assigned period it is incumbent on them to notify the RIAI in writing and to postpone their registration for the examination to the next available sitting which may be up to two years away.
(Note: Annual leave/personal holidays are not considered extenuating circumstances.)

Please note that the RIAI will charge a €50 administration fee on bookings cancelled more than 5 working days in advance of programme delivery. Cancellations made within 2-5 working days of programme delivery will be charged 75% of the full fee. Cancellations on the day of the programme or on the day before will result in the full amount being charged. Substitution, subject to eligibility, is allowed.

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