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Clayfest 2018, 24-29 September, Irish National Heritage Park, Ireland


Monday, September 24, 2018


see below for more information


Irish National Heritage Park, Wexford.


see below for more information

Event Information


Each workshop is worth 6.5 CPD hours/points 

24th September    Clayfest: Choice of 6 Earth Building Workshops    (6.5 CPD hours/points)
25th September    Clayfest: Choice of 7 Earth Building Workshops    (6.5 CPD hours/points)
26th September    Clayfest: Choice of 7 Earth Building Workshops    (6.5 CPD hours/points)
27th September    Clayfest: Choice of 7 Earth Building Workshops    (6.5 CPD hours/points)
28th September    EBUKI Conference: The Secret life of Earth    (6.0 CPD hours/points)


More information about Clayfest can be found at http://ebuki.co/event-clayfest-2018.htm

More  information  about  each  of  the  workshops  and  their  leaders  can  be  found  at https://thelittleboxoffice.com/ebuki/

More  information  about  the  Conference  topics  and  speakers  can  be  found  at http://ebuki.co/event-clayfest-2018-conference.htm.

Clayfest 2018, 24th to 29th September at the Irish National Heritage Park

EBUKI  stands  for  Earth  Building  UK  and  Ireland.  Apparently,  in  Lingala,  a  Congolese language, “ebuki” translates to “I  work -  I dance”. Anyone who has seen people foot-mixing mud knows just how appropriate that is!
Established as EBUK in 2007, Ireland officially came into the fold in 2015. EBUKI is a charity which fosters earth building. We raise awareness of our rich earth-built heritage and the need to conserve it  sensitively. We highlight earth’s credentials as a sustainable material and its potential for many useful applications in contemporary construction. We encourage research and experimentation.

EBUKI has  hosted an annual conference since 2009. Earth is a hands-on material and we realised  that  our  annual  event  should  also  cater  to  our more  hands-on members.  And  so Clayfest was born, combining practical workshops with presentations, talks and tours. Since 2015, this week-long festival of earth building has been held in Errol, Scotland, and Cumbria and Lincoln in England. This is Clayfest’s first time making it across the water.

Clayfest workshops are suitable for all levels, from complete novices to the more experienced practitioner wanting to exchange ideas and techniques. Not only will you learn from your own workshop, but you will also be inspired by all of the other activities going on around you. As well as the organised workshops, every day there will be informal pop-up demonstrations, talks and presentations. If you have an  earth-based project or a technique you would like to share, this could be your opportunity.

So come along and get mucky with us. We would love to meet you at Clayfest 2018.

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