RIAI Research and Policy: Universal Design

RIAI / AOTI Position Paper - Changing the Mindset from ‘Granny Flat’ to Flexible Home Adaptations

This Position Paper is a result of collaboration between the RIAI, Universal Design Task Force Liaison Group and the Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland (AOTI), Enabling Environments Advisory Group (formally the Housing Advisory Group). A Liaison Group was established to share knowledge; to improve understanding of occupational therapists role and role of architect; to respect the different and unique skills of each professional group and to work on specific projects to inform guidance in relation to the built environment. The Position Paper was informed by a Work Group review of Local Authority Development Plans which uncovered a wide range of disparities and inconsistencies and different planning criteria for ‘granny flats’ or family flats, which are not reflective of current Housing Agency Policy or the demographic needs of the Irish population.

Published: June 2023

RIAI Statement of Policy on Accessibility, Inclusion and Universal Design

The RIAI has launched a new policy on Accessibility, Inclusion and Universal Design responding to the significant changes in the context in which the RIAI and its members operate, since the adoption of the RIAI Policy on Accessibility in 2006. The Universal Design Task Force (UDTF) has reviewed the 2006 Policy document and concluded that its scope needs to be broadened to meet the changed circumstances and the challenges for the next 10 years. (February 2018)

Published: February 2018