RIAI Research and Policy: Building Conservation

The RIAI Guidelines for the Conservation of Buildings

These Guidelines represent the latest revision of the Guidelines, first published as RIAI Practice Note 1995/01, and revised in 2001 and 2010. Prepared by the RIAI Historic Buildings Committee to support the implementation of the RIAI's Conservation Policy, and directed primarily at RIAl members, and not intended to provide comprehensive information on building conservation practice. The principles outlined in these Guidelines may be applied to the conservation of all significant historic fabric, including that of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Published: January 2021

RIAI Conservation Guidelines: Building Regulations Issues

This Appendix to the Guidelines offers an approach to Building Regulations and Sustainability for historic structures. Conservation projects vary in complexity and often require specialist expertise, and is based on the working experience of Conservation Architects which offers an initial approach to the areas covered by each Regulation and the TGD (Technical Guidance Documents) that offer means of compliance with each. It is intended to supplement the current edition of the RIAI Guidelines for the Conservation of Buildings. The view of regulatory authorities may differ in some cases from the practical solutions offered here. The practitioner must rely on their own informed judgement in each case. 

Published: January 2021

RIAI Conservation Policy

The RIAI regards the sustainable conservation of architectural heritage integral to the skill set of the architect. The purpose of the Conservation Policy of the RIAI is to set the highest standard for the conservation of our built inheritance and to make conservation an integral part of the practice of architecture.

Published: April 2018

RIAI Skills Matrix for Conservation Projects

The RIAI Skills Matrix for Conservation Projects is intended to assist practitioners, clients and the general public in understanding the difference levels of skill of RIAI Conservation Accredited Architects and in assigning projects accordingly.

Published: January 2019