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Competition Services

The RIAI provides a full range of services to assist clients who wish to commission an architectural competition. It will monitor competition regulations, advise on the appointment of assessors, handle notifications to competitors, registration, competitors questions about the brief, assessment, publicity, exhibitions and the announcement of results. As can be seen from the listing RIAI has managed a wide range of competitions for private sector clients, Government Departments and Agencies and Local Authorities.

Open Design Competition

There is a formal procedure for the conduct of open design competitions, covering the announcement of the competition, the selection, qualifications and number of assessors, the handling of queries on the brief, the exhibition of competition entries and the publication of results.

Because of this procedure, selection of an architect may take slightly longer than by other competitions, but it has considerable advantages for the promoters. Competitions are a challenge to the architects, so the results are likely to be stimulating and exciting. An open competition provides creative, practical and cost-effective solutions to building needs. It can generate considerable publicity and demonstrate a client’s commitment to design quality. An open design competition will take no longer than standard commissioning procedures, particularly for state funded projects, as the process of brief preparation is accredited.

Invited Design Competition

This type of competition is similar to the open design competition, but there is a limited number of invited participants and an honourarium is payable to each competitor.

Concept/Architect Selection Competition

This procedure was evolved for clients who wish to have an indication of how particular practices may approach the design problem in question, and to select the firm which they feel is most appropriate in their case. The amount of work to be submitted by competitors should be limited, because the client does not have an opportunity to develop a brief with the architect. A premium is awarded to each entrant