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Membership Benefits

The RIAI is the centre for architectural leadership, information and advice in Ireland. Architects and Architectural Technologists joining the RIAI can avail of a wide range of services and supports which will enable them to practice architecture to the highest standards, keep in touch with changes in design and legislation, and become involved in the promotion of architecture through the RIAI’s many activities. The RIAI is the voice for architecture in Ireland and is a catalyst for new ideas and initiatives that help both architects and the public by encouraging engagement on architectural issues through education, events, awards, media statements and campaigns.

A Community

As an RIAI member you are part of a community of architects and architectural technologists who share your interests.

What does the RIAI do?

The RIAI provides you as a professional with access to all of the relevant information and education you need.


The RIAI is the promotional body for architecture in Ireland. Its objective is to create an environment where good architecture can be achieved and to communicate the importance of quality in the built environment to Government and the public.

Promotional activities include:

Supporting and developing

The RIAI works to develop the profession so as to ensure that the contribution of architecture to the quality of the built environment is maintained and enhanced for future generations. Initiatives such as the Government Policy on Architecture and registration of the title “architect”, which were initiated by the RIAI, are two recent examples of important elements in this process. Others include: New Housing I + II; Shaping Space; Housing Density initiative (with the Irish Planning Institute); the Urban Forum and the Irish Architecture Foundation.


Through submissions to Government, liaison with Government Departments, State Agencies, Local Authorities, non-governmental agencies, industry and political parties the RIAI works to improve knowledge and awareness of the architectural issues within national polices.


The RIAI is the information source for all matters relating to the practice of architecture:

  • Legislation
  • Planning
  • Regulations
  • Contractual
  • Procurement
  • RIAI Online Newsletter

Regular member and practice email bulletins provide access to up-to-date news and information on events and changes to the regulatory framework.


The RIAI contributes to the debate on architectural and built environment issues through submissions, events and colloquiums.

The RIAI researches, coordinates and contributes to debates and consultation documents to ensure that the perspective of the architectural profession is understood.

The RIAI works with other organisations in ensuring the importance of architecture is understood.

The RIAI works with schools, charities and cultural bodies to increase awareness of architectural issues and to improve dialogue between the profession and the general public.

The RIAI provides a professional network for Architects and Architectural Technologists where best practice and new ideas are brought together for the benefit of all.


The Building Control Act 2007 stipulates that all architects must maintain their standards. The RIAI has a comprehensive online system which helps members assess their future training needs, develop a CPD plan and record their CPD.

The RIAI provides an opportunity to contribute to education, practice or architectural development through participation in committees, taskforces, examination boards, visiting boards and juries.


The RIAI is here to help architects, their clients and members of the public with advice on architectural practice and legal issues.


The RIAI is developing its focus in this area and would call on you as members to work with your institute to develop architects’ and architectural technologists’ profile in this area.


The RIAI is the accreditation body for the five degree courses in architecture and two courses in architectural technology. The RIAI through its accreditation process works with the schools to help in the development of courses and through its visiting boards in maintaining standards.


The RIAI has developed a wide and diverse range of relationships with both national and international bodies which can be called on to advise or inform issues on behalf of members. International bodies such as the Architects Council of Europe (ACE) and International Union of Architects (UIA); nationally the Construction Industry Council(CIC), the Urban Forum, the Sustainable Communities and Housing committee, the Education Forum, Health & Safety Authority, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), the Arts Council, the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government, the OPW, Interprofessional Group.


Specific member only services include:

  • Regular Email Bulletins – informing and updating members on changes to legislation advice on practice issues, notification of competitions, awards and events
  • Good Practice Guide Online
  • Members only area on the RIAI website
  • CPD Engage
  • Architecture Ireland magazine
  • Reduced CPD costs
  • Use of RIAI stamp
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • RIAI Affix
  • Use of the RIAI Crest
  • RIAI Site Signs
  • Full range of RIAI Documentation based on best practice advice and current case law.


As the leading Architectural body in Ireland the RIAI provides members and others with an interest in Architecture with a Centre for exchanging ideas and information, for educating their colleagues (through CPD) and the wider public (through exhibitions, events, lectures) and provides a platform for new ideas and research through committees and taskforces.

The RIAI committees and taskforces work on a wide variety of issues and topics at all levels aimed at informing members and influencing polices to improve the quality of the built environment and to improve standards within the architectural profession.


The RIAI is the body that recognises, understands and addresses the short and long term issues being faced by architects and challenging the Architectural profession. The RIAI brings together the experts in the profession to advise on, and to address the challenges of the day. The RIAI gives you, as an architect or an architectural technologist, the opportunity to participate in the issues that face your profession.


As the designated Registration Body and Competent Authority for architects in the State:

  • The RIAI maintains the Register
  • The RIAI protects the reputation of architects
  • The RIAI sets the standards for architectural education
  • The RIAI sets standards of practice
  • The RIAI develops and monitors the Continuing Education of architects.
  • The RIAI protects the public by ensuring that the architects they are working with meet the required standards
  • The RIAI takes action against those calling themselves architects without recognised qualifications
  • The RIAI provides certificates of registration to Architects each year
  • The RIAI provides Architects with proof of qualifications to enable them to work abroad
  • The RIAI delivers public information campaigns to increase public awareness of the Register.