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Liminal - Irish Design at the Threshold - ID2015

Published: Friday, April 17, 2015

Liminal – Irish design at the threshold features over 20 designers, companies and studios involved in collaborations across disciplines, and presents them for the first time in Milan. This is the flagship show from Irish Design 2015 (ID2015), a year long initiative backed by the Irish government promoting and celebrating Irish design in Ireland and internationally.

iminal_Irish design at the threshold_ID2015
Liminal Irish Design at the threshold - Inaugural exhibition at Fuori Salone - ID2015

Presenting a pivotal chapter in Irish design, Liminal explores, identifies and showcases Irish creativity, and how designers, companies and studios are moving across the disciplinary boundaries and the limits of what design was, into what design can become.

As design increasingly seeks to create holistic experiences and narratives, Ireland is placed to play a significant role in 21st century design, helping meet the challenges of tomorrow. Liminal provides a timely platform for creative change on the island of Ireland.

Taking the theme of liminality, which refers to spaces that lie between the known and the unknown, this exhibition explores the craft of collaboration and presents the exploratory journeys undertaken by designers. Moving through a series of design venues, starting in Milan, and followed by New York, Dublin and Eindhoven, the exhibition demonstrates Irish design excellence across disciplines and considers the possibilities for the future.

Highlights of the Irish Design 2015 exhibition in Milan range from exclusive launches of new furniture collections resulting from collaborations between Perch Design Studios, Thomas Montgomery and Labofa to the incredible story of Mourne Textiles whose award winning fabrics and rugs were first exhibited at La Triennale di Milano in 1951 and will be brought to Milan once again through a collaboration with Notion design studio.

Work by Annie Atkins, famed for her graphic design in films including the Oscar winning The Grand Budapest Hotel, will provide a visual twist for all tastes, as will the collaboration between product designers Designgoat and chef Katie Sanderson.  Design Partners are set to unveil a world premier in technology that will revolutionise how we interact with our living and work spaces, while Studio AAD will provide a visual narrative that contextualises and highlights the breadth of Irish design.

The exhibition was curated by Alex Milton, Louise Allen and Angela O’Kelly. Exhibition Design was by John McLaughlin. Graphic Design was by New Graphic.

Liminal exhibitors, who are either from Ireland or live in Ireland include:

Grafton Architects - collaborating with Graphic Relief

Grafton Architects with Graphic Relief_Liminal_Irish design at the threshold_ID2015

Grafton Architects with Graphic Relief - Liminal Irish Design at the Threshold ID2015

The collaboration shows the potential for adding a new dimension to the use of building materials.
graftonarchitects.ie and graphicrelief.co.uk

Andrew Ludick - collaborating with Ceadogán Rugs

Andrew Ludick and Ceadogan Rugs working together_Liminal_Irish design at the threshold_ID2015

Andrew Ludick and Ceadogan Rugs working together - Liminal Irish Design at the Threshold ID2015

Cathal Loughnane - collaborating with Peter Sheehan

Cathal Loughnane and Peter Sheehan_ibi_Liminal_Irish design at the threshold_ID2015_PR

Cathal Loughnane and Peter Sheehan ibi Liminal Irish design at the Threshold ID2015

Claire Anne O’Brien

Claire-Anne O’Brien

Claire Anne O'Brien Cisean Liminal Irish Design at the Threshold ID2015

Visit  Liminal website to view all of the collaborations and to find more. http://www.irishdesign2015.ie/liminal/ 

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