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RIAI Launches Transition Year Programme for TY Students in Architectural Practices

Published: Friday, December 15, 2017

RIAI President Carole Pollard and CEO Kathryn Meghen have today launched the RIAI’s new Transition Year Programme for TY Students in Architectural Practices. The RIAI’s programme supports practices in the promotion of architectural education by mentoring second level students. It is a great opportunity for those interested in architecture to gain experience in a practice.

The RIAI guide is a framework for a one-week transition year student placement in an architect’s office. The intention is for these students to develop genuine skills in design development, research, presentation techniques and gain experience in a variety of industry applications. Working alongside their assigned mentor, the project is set out in 6 stages over a number of days, culminating in the presentation of the student’s work from concept to final design. The guide sets out the tasks for both mentor and student.

The RIAI TY Programme is available to download here https://www.riai.ie/education/architecture_young_people/riai_transition_year_programme/


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