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RIAI Building/Construction Cost Guidelines 2019

Published: Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Consumer Guide Cost Guidelines have now been published by the RIAI for 2019 to advise on the construction costs for domestic and commercial works. The cost shown were researched and obtained from a number of sources including registered architects working in the specific areas, government publications and associated building professionals.

The rates shown are for average construction build costs only and are representative of typical specifications for each type of project and do not include VAT, professional fees, levies, planning charges or inflation. Unique designs or challenging sites would not be within the cost ranges shown.

Inflation costs within the construction industry for 2019 are, at present, much greater than general inflation due to the ever changing market influences. The continued increase in building costs can be attributed to a number of elements which would include such factors as:

  • A surplus of construction projects permitting contractor to pick and choose their work at the prices that reflect their perception of the market
  • Shortage of both specialist and traditional trades sub-contractors
  • Increase in mechanical and electrical prices and wages
  • Shortage of labour and skills
  • General increases in supply and materials

The information contained within the RIAI 2019 Consumer Guide Cost Guidelines is set out to provide clients and consumers with a guidance on building costs using the average figures noted but, again, it must be borne in mind the high level of cost inflation within the industry due to market conditions referred to above and that the information noted within this document should be used for guidance only using the average costs for the building types as outlined.

Download Consumer Guide for Domestic and Commercial Works - Cost Guidelines

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