Good Practice Guide

What is the RIAI Good Practice Guide?

The RIAI Good Practice Guide is a key document in RIAI Member services to Architects and Architectural Practices, providing guidance to Members on running projects and practices.

The 6th edition of the RIAI Good Practice Guide is the most interactive edition to-date, offering substantial appendices with 14 new downloadable documents used in the practice of architecture. The 6th edition of the Good Practice Guide also offers a wealth of updated technical information and the entire document is fully searchable for advice relating to a wide range of areas in architectural practice.

The 6th edition of the RIAI Good Practice Guide was published in November 2018.

How to access the RIAI Good Practice Guide?

RIAI Practice Members have free access to the RIAI Good Practice Guide. To access the guide, please ensure that you are logged in to the RIAI website using the Members Login link above.

RIAI Members must purchase an annual subscription to the RIAI Good Practice Guide. 

Non-Members may request an annual subscription by completing the Good Practice Guide Order Form.

The 6th Edition of the RIAI Good Practice Guide is proudly supported by KBC Business Banking.

Feedback from Members is an important part of the RIAI Good Practice Guide’s evolution and the RIAI is looking forward to receiving feedback on the new 6th edition. Any suggestions or recommendations can be emailed to RIAI Membership Officer, Sharon Maguire.

Legal Notice

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