• 28 Jun 2021

UIA Council Elections - Fionnuala Rogerson FRIAI,  Ireland

The RIAI is delighted to announce the candidature of Fionnuala Rogerson FRIAI for UIA Council 2021-2023. A letter of support from RIAI President Ciaran O’Connor is available here.

Fionnuala Rogerson has a track record in the UIA, having been Co-Director of the Architecture for All work programme, which is one of the largest and most active of UIA’s work programmes. A past Vice-President of the RIAI, Fionnuala has represented the RIAI at the UIA and the Architects’ Council of Europe.

She has also worked on behalf of the UIA with many international partners such as UN Habitat, the World Health Organisation, and the International Standards Organisation. Fionnuala’s CV is available here.





Fionnuala Rogerson’s Vision for the UIA

Watch Fionnuala’s campaign video.

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My vision for UIA is of an organisation which efficiently and collaboratively:

  • Unites the architects of the world based on its founding principles
  • Represents the profession at global level
  • Partners with others to tackle critical social and environmental challenges
  • Promotes architectural and urban design quality

As an organisation we need continuously to review our vision and develop the necessary strategies by which to achieve it. I propose to focus on three areas:


Communications with member sections and other regional organisations are of paramount importance. We must proactively engage with member sections to understand their needs, their interests, their concerns and the level to which they are prepared to engage. . We need to clearly establish synergies with regional organisations and avoid duplication of effort. We need to establish structures by which the work of UIA and its working bodies is clearly communicated and implemented both internally and externally.

Publicising and Engaging

Publicising the UIA and its network is also a priority. We need to make it more attractive and relevant to architects, students and the media by broadcasting achievements and promoting opportunities through use of social media and other communication platforms. We also need to encourage open debate and processes which will engage members in the life of the Union.

Strengthening the organisation

Together we can strengthen UIA through:

  • Setting priorities, timelines and actions
  • Establishing clear alignments to policies and goals
  • Ensuring each activity is results orientated
  • Developing a business plan with clear accountability
  • Improving co-ordination and supporting the secretariat

For more information, please contact Fionnuala Rogerson or her alternate for UIA Council, Dr. Sandra O’Connell.

About the UIA

The UIA (International Union of Architects) was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland on 28 June 1948 to unite the architects of the world through a federation of their national organizations. From the 27 delegations present at the founding assembly, the UIA has grown to encompass the key professional organisations and architects in well over 100 countries and territories worldwide. The RIAI is a member of Region I. The UIA is an international non-governmental organisation recognized by UNESCO as the only architectural union operating at an international level.