• 30 Apr 2020

The “Yellow” and “Blue” forms of RIAI Construction Contracts 2017 – Latest Printed Version March 2020

The “Yellow” and  “Blue” forms of RIAI Construction Contracts 2017 (© RIAI) published by the RIAI are now in their third print run (March 2020) and available for purchase from the bookshop as usual. 

Purchases can be made online at RIAI Bookshop Online. The third print run incorporates the edits relating to VAT. The Contract Sum is now stated inclusive of VAT and a VAT analysis tabulation is provided at Article 2.

The RIAI sought clarification from Revenue on a number of technical aspects relating to the applicability of VAT on the price of Bonds (performance bonds, retention bonds, etc.) and received a very helpful binding Revenue Technical Services ‘Opinion’ clarifying the position. Secondly, this improvement addresses a consumer protection issue by stating on the face of the contract what the tax inclusive contract sum is -  as advised by the Competition & Consumer Protection Commission.

The RIAI formally  liaises with industry stakeholders at the Liaison Committee of the Construction Industry (L.C.) which consists of delegates from the RIAI, CIF, SCSI and ACEI & EI) and with other entities with regard to certain RIAI Construction Contracts, and the Code of Practice on Selective Tendering. 

In the weeks to come the RIAI will circulate further updates with regard to good progress on the new suite of RIAI Construction Contracts 2020.  It is intended that the 2020 Editions, when concluded will replace the 2017 Editions published by the RIAI.  

The new suite of contracts will include the new RIAI Short Forms to replace SF88, a new RIAI Design & Build Form, other forms and supporting Practice Notes and ancillary documentation.