• 01 Dec 2021

The IABS Says Thank You








IABS Presentation – Art Sale was delivered by Carole Pollard at the RIAI Conference - Solutions, 3 November at RDS. 

Following our very successful Art Sale at the RIAI conference and the receipt of donations on foot of our appeal at the event, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone in the architectural community who generously contributed to the Irish Architects Benevolent Society. Your assistance means we can continue to meet our obligations to our beneficiaries in 2022. We were particularly touched by all those who attended the conference online and subsequently sent donations.

As I said at the conference, Covid has severely impacted IABS fundraising capabilities and we were looking at a significant shortfall for 2021. Thanks to your generosity, we have substantially reduced that shortfall and we are in a strong position going into the new year. We are also hoping for an increase in annual subscription for 2022 via the RIAI annual charge ‘tick the IABS box’ facility. This is the best way for us to overcome difficulties posed by Covid.

We are very excited that 2022 will see the launch of our first IABS website. This platform will allow us to keep you up to date with our fundraising activities and events, and make it easier to donate or set up a subscription. We are always delighted to hear about new fundraising ideas too. And of course, we are always here to help if you or anyone you know finds themselves in difficulty.

On behalf of all the IABS directors, and on behalf of our beneficiaries, we wish you a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year.

We can be contacted at architectsbenevolentsociety@gmail.com or through the RIAI.

Carole Pollard, Jim Coady, Derek Dockrell, Anna Donegan, William Gleeson, Joe Kennedy, Clare Kilty, Sean Mahon, Robin Mandal, Bryan O’Rourke and Triona Stack.