• 16 Nov 2022

The Build Digital Project and the RIAI Jointly Drive Digitisation in the Built Environment

The RIAI and Build Digital Project have agreed to foster a bilateral collaborative working relationship to share the objective of encouraging the adoption of digital information management and Building Information Modelling (BIM) across the Irish public and private sectors, in accordance with ISO 19650 series and relevant, associated international standards.

The main intentions of this announcement are:

  • The RIAI and Build Digital have agreed to cooperate with each other through sharing of knowledge and collaborate with each other to accelerate Ireland's journey toward a digitised built environment.
  • To start this process, Build Digital is signposting to the RIAI BIM pack as an area with information that may be relevant to your project. Build Digital will collaborate with the RIAI BIM Committee on future releases of the RIAI BIM pack.