• 29 Jul 2019

RIAI apply to DBEI for inclusion of Architects & Architectural Technologists on Critical Skills List

The RIAI has applied to the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation for the inclusion of architects and architectural technologists/technicians on the “Critical Skills Occupations List” also known as the “Highly Skilled Occupations List” and the removal of architectural technicians from the “Ineligible Occupations List”.

Non-EU Citizens with occupations listed on the “Highly Skilled Occupation List” and earning an annual salary of €30,000 or more may be eligible to apply for a Critical Skills Employment Permit. The Critical Skills Employment Permit is designed to attract highly skilled people into the labour market with the aim of encouraging them to take up permanent residence in the State.

If the RIAI’s application is successful this will allow architectural practices to hire non-EU architects or architectural technologists, thereby acknowledging that there is a shortage of these skills required for the proper functioning of the Irish economy.