• 05 Oct 2021

RIAI Pre-Budget Submission 2022

RIAI calls on Government to use Budget 2022 to prioritise addressing our climate challenge through sustainable growth, delivery of quality housing and the development of a quality public realm.

The RIAI  has called on the Government to see Budget 2022 as an opportunity to address serious societal issues including Ireland’s response to climate change, the on-going housing crisis and sustainable growth.

In addition, the Institute has identified opportunities for the budget to support the development of a quality-built environment through improved public procurement, as well as investment and support for design professionals.

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Key Recommendations

The RIAI submission contains a number of recommendations for inclusion in Budget 2022:

Reducing VAT on Professional Architectural Services to 13.5%

The RIAI believes that homeowners should be supported to obtain the services of registered architects to help them design and implement their works. To promote this the current VAT rate of 23% on professional services of architects should be reduced to 13.5%.

Delivering Compact Growth

Compact Growth is a core goal of Project Ireland 2040. Today over 70% of Ireland’s population live in dwellings that are either in low-density suburbs or one-off rural housing. To support increased delivery of compact growth and reduce urban sprawl, the RIAI calls for a review of the relative fiscal rules for medium-and low-density housing, taking into consideration the goals set out in Ireland 2040, tax income per site area, costs to the state (e.g. infrastructure, services, public transport) and environmental factors.

Innovation in Housing Procurement

Innovation in the procurement of housing is essential to facilitate improved delivery of homes without compromising on quality. The RIAI proposes investment in architectural services in the public service. This is required to ensure the delivery of a better-built environment and to ensure that the use of public funds in delivering projects is as effective as possible. 

Efficient Procurement

The process to assess eligibility to tender for work should be streamlined though the use of ‘Procurement Passports’. The system would allow architects and other construction professionals to submit information such as turnover, staffing levels and other standard tender information to a central portal and avoid duplication of efforts and the associated administrative burden.

Speaking in advance of the Budget 2022 announcement, Kathryn Meghen, RIAI CEO said: “As we begin to exit the emergency period of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is crucial that we build on the innovation witnessed across society and from our sector in particular. Reshaping and refocusing our priorities for the built environment to focus on the long-term will allow us to reduce our carbon emission and achieve quality, safe, inclusive, and sustainable communities.

We are calling on Government to commit to implementing supports which will drive the delivery of quality, support professionals by reducing administrative burdens and have a collective focus on meeting our societal and climate change needs.”

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