• 28 Sep 2020

RIAI + NZIA | A Sense of Place: The Recordings

In this new webinar series, the RIAI and NZAI explored a contextual approach to architecture – including geography, history, culture, nature and materials – which is a common concern in the architecture of both countries. Both webinars featured notable Architects from both countries.

The first webinar focused on ‘Home and Communities’ and took place on 17 September. The speakers included: John Tuomey FRIAI and Sheila O’Donnell FRIAI of O’Donnell + Tuomey (IRL), Nick Stevens of Stevens Lawson Architects (NZ), Peter Carroll MRIAI of A2 Architects (IRL) and Simon Novak of Novak + Middleton (NZ). Each speaker discussed public housing projects that have created a ‘sense of place’ for their communities.  

Each session ran for 1.5 hours with each architect speaking for 15 minutes each. The webinars took place in Ireland in the morning and in New Zealand in the evening due to the time difference. The new two-part series was a great success with a large global audience and we were delighted to partner with the NZIA.

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The second part of the series focused on ‘Housing in the Landscape’. The webinar took place on 23 September. The speakers included: Lance Herbst of Herbst Architects (NZ), Grace Keeley of GKMP Architects (IRL), Sally Ogle of Patchwork Architecture (NZ) and Robert Bourke of Robert Bourke Architects (IRL). The speakers discussed contextual housing, and covered a variety of responses to landscapes ranging from untouched wilderness to urban density, and many others in between.

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