• 11 Nov 2021

RIAI Conference Coverage

The RIAI Conference took place on Wednesday, 3 November in the RDS and Online. We would like to thank everyone who attended in person and those of you who logged in online. It was great to have so many Members and guests join us for the day!

The day itself was a great succes with many thought-provoking talks throughout the day. We were lucky to have received excellent feedback from the media on some of our speakers which we have highlighted below:

Olivia Kelly of the Irish Times wrote a piece on Professor Carlos Moreno titled - The 15-minute city: ‘I proposed a new urban lifestyle based on reducing the commute’. The concept of the 15-minute city, where most daily requirements are within a short cycle or walk, came alive during the Covid-19 pandemic, with people forced to abandon the daily commute and reassess what was available locally.

However, for Carlos Moreno, the Paris-based academic credited with coining the term, it is more than just a pandemic flash in the pan. It is, he says, vital for the future of humanity.

To read the full article, click here.

Eve Kelliher of the Irish Examiner wrote a piece focused on Professor Dietmar Eberle titled - Is the future looking bright for the houses without heating? It was dubbed the “house without heating” when Haus 2226 was constructed eight years ago.

Energy efficiency is often achieved by hi-tech retrofits, but Baumschlager Eberle Architekten has made 2226 a blueprint for the future — a building without air conditioning technology.

Designed to be an antidote to technology-powered buildings, the future-forward hub that features its designers’ international HQ as well as an art gallery, restaurant, offices and apartment, is located in Lustenau, in Austria.

To read the full article, click here.