• 18 Nov 2021

Look no Further than the RIAI Bookshop for the Perfect Christmas Gift

Ireland’s Best Architectural and Design Bookshop is open to the general public from 9.00am - 5.00pm (Monday - Friday).

If you are unsure about what to get your friends or family for Christmas, look no further than the RIAI Bookshop. With a wide range of best-selling books and authors, it is the perfect place to come and shop. Pop in for a visit and meet the amazing staff that will help you find the perfect Christmas gift.  

The RIAI Bookshop accommodates all ages and interests with books on home design, travel, landscape and garden design as well as an exciting range of children’s books on architecture. Surprise your design-loving friend or excite a child by opening their eyes to the breath-taking world of design. The RIAI Bookshop can cater to every design need with its vast selection of affordable stock. Make Christmas extra special this year with the perfect stocking filler.

The RIAI Bookshop also stocks high quality picturesque Greeting Cards with unique artwork available along with the exclusive RIAI house + design magazine, Ireland’s bespoke magazine for architect-designed homes, complete with plans and top tips from the architects.   

Please see some examples of the amazing books we have on offer below:

  • Approximate Formality by Valerie Mulvin is all about towns and town plans around Ireland, from the earliest time in the history of the Irish state to the famine, how the towns came into existence. In conducting research for this book, the author has found that the landscape of Ireland has changed significantly with people opting to move away from cities and into smaller towns and villages around the country in search of a quieter life.
  • FLOOR PLAN MANUAL Non-Profit Housing – The Floor Plan Manual gives the reader 600 great solutions from competition winners to an old and recurring challenge that must be rephrased for every new generation.
  • New Nordic Houses (hb) / Dominic Bradbury delves into modern Scandinavian design which marries up with the majestic and serene landscapes that this region has to offer. This book offers the reader a glimpse inside some of the most picturesque locations that the Nordic regions have to offer.
  • The Dublin Architecture Guide 1937-2021 takes a look at the historical buildings around Dublin such as Trinity College, the Docklands and other parts of the city including Ballyfermot, Dun Laoghaire and delves in the in past, present and future of the Dublin skyline.
  • Architect of Death and Life is the most comprehensive book to date about Sweden’s greatest modern architect, Sigurd Lewerentz. This publication charts the rise of one of the most intriguing and brilliant architectural practitioners of his era (1885-1975).
  • Louis Kahn: The Importance of a Drawing provides an intimate journey into Louis Kahn’s craft and imagination, this publication weaves the texts around the drawings of Kahn and brings the reader along as a passenger on a journey with Kahn as he embarks on his creative journey.
  • 101 Rules of Thumb For Low Energy Architecture (PB) In an area where ever-changing technology and complex legislation and can cloud the designer’s thought-processes, this book encourages the designer to think clearly and intuitively about the fundamentals of low energy buildings. With reliable, simple rules of thumb that will provide new ideas and refresh the designer’s palette, each page focuses on a single piece of advice or guidance along with a clear hand-drawn illustration, while there are also plenty of tips and more detailed information for those who wish to dig deeper.
  • Space Framed, Photography: Hugh Campbell: While much has been written about how photography serves architecture, this book looks at how fine-art photographers frame constructed space – from cities to single anonymous rooms. It analyses various techniques used and reveals resonances and rhythms found in the photographs as they occur at different scales, times and settings.
  • Environmental Design Sourcebook: Will McLean and Pete Silver – In this book, McLean and Silver delve into the unique areas of sustainable design including ideas relating to the most efficient materials to be used during the construction process while also looking at the environmental impact on a new development.
  • Essential Urban Design: Rob Cowan – This book takes an in-depth look at the attributes necessary for individuals who are looking to get involved in urban design projects. There are a number of useful sketches in the book that give details on the best way to plan a building in a small space. It is a must for any junior or experienced architectural practitioner.
  • Oh! We’re Lost! by Siobhan Cuffe – This children’s book is a magical tale of adventure when a dog is lost in a city park and tells the story of how, with the help of his four legged friends he is reunited with his human family and his canine friends.
  • Thinking On Paper by James Horan – This is an abstract view of architecture where Horan explains through various drawings and descriptions. Horan explains the importance of creating drawings on paper with pencil and goes back to the traditional way of thinking without the use of technology.
  • The Dignity of Everyday Life – Celebrating Michael Scott’s Busáras – Michael Scott’s Áras Mhic Dhiarrmada and Busáras is one of the most important modernist buildings not just in Dublin, but the country of Ireland. Built between 1947 and 1953, the building was ahead of its time in terms of its look and as a result has withstood the test of time as its design remains relevant to this day and is still looked upon as one of the classic architectural structures that makes up the Dublin city landscape. 
  • The Early Residential Building of Trinity College Dublin – This book takes the reader back in time to the early days of Trinity College, one of the greatest historical landmarks this country has to offer, and takes an in-depth look at the residential buildings within the college campus prior to the redevelopment of the residential area during the 1750’s. 

Closing Times for Christmas

The RIAI Bookshop will close at 2.00pm on on Thursday, 23 December and will reopen at 9.00am on Tuesday, 4 January. 

If you have any related queries, please contact bookshop manager Bróna King on +353 (0)1 676 1703 or email bking@riai.ie