• 31 Mar 2023

Irish Architecture Career Tracker Survey is Now Live

Part of the Gender Equity in Irish Architecture research project, the Irish Architecture Career Tracker Survey is now live. All members are invited to take part at genderequityirisharchitecture.ie

Led by Dr Dervla MacManus, this research is about assessing working conditions and cultures within architecture, finding about why people leave architecture, what alternative occupations they choose, and whether there is a gender dimension to this. It is also about getting a breakdown of gender equality as well as attitudes towards gender equality.

Everyone — men, women, all genders — are invited to take part. As well as taking the survey yourself, please be sure to pass it on to your work colleagues. We particularly need your help to reach people who may have left architecture, so please send the link to your college classmates as well! 

RIAI members can earn 1 structured CPD point by taking part.

You can find out more about the project, privacy, and ethics, on the project website; genderequityirisharchitecture.ie. You can also follow the project on social media; Twitter @GenderEquityIA and Instagram GenderEquityIrishArchitecture

This research is funded by the Irish Research Council and the RIAI through the Enterprise Partnership Scheme.