• 05 Mar 2021

ICOMOS Publishes Update of its Quality Principles for EU-funded Interventions with Potential Impact on Cultural Heritage

If the recognition of cultural heritage as a common good and responsibility is a precondition of quality, quality objectives must be taken into account at every stage of the processes and life-cycle, from the conception of funding programmes to end-of-project evaluation.

In the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and at the request of the European Commission, the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) developed "European Quality Principles for EU-funded interventions with potential impact on cultural heritage” to promote such consideration.

Following feedback from partners and stakeholders, an updated version has now been released: Access the full publication.

The main objective of the document is to provide guidance on quality principles for all stakeholders directly or indirectly engaged in EU-funded interventions that could impact on cultural heritage, mainly built heritage and cultural landscapes. Stakeholders cover European institutions, managing authorities, international organisations, civil society and local communities, the private sector, and experts.

The document focuses on the core issue of quality, providing a summary of key concepts, international charters, European and international conventions and standards as well as changes in understanding and practice of heritage conservation. Environmental, cultural, social and economic benefits resulting from the application of quality principles are outlined.

The main recommendations are summarised at the beginning of the document. A set of Selection Criteria is proposed at the end, as a tool for decision makers to assess the quality of projects with potential impact on cultural heritage.

ICOMOS hopes that these Quality Principles and Selection Criteria will help to ensure, not only in Europe but also beyond, qualitative and sustainable investment in the future of our built cultural heritage and is committed to support such efforts.

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