• 09 Sep 2021

Conference ‘Education + Practice: A Symbiotic Relationship’ - Featuring Keynote Speaker Richard Susskind, author of ‘The Future of the Professions’

The conference 'Education + Practice: A Symbiotic Relationship' is taking place on Wednesday, 29 September at The Printworks, Dublin Castle from 9am-5pm.

Featuring keynote speakers (via live virtual presentation):

  • Richard Susskind, author of ‘The Future of the Professions’ 
  • Professor Sarah McGann, Head of School of Architecture & Built Environment, Deakin University, Australia
  • Randy Deutsch, Clinical Associate Professor, School of Architecture, University of Illinois

This important conference will examine and develop the relationship between education and practice, an objective set out by RIAI President Ciaran O’Connor in his Direction of Travel strategy paper presented at his first Council meeting as President in February 2020. RIAI Council, Board and Officers have endorsed this objective.

In his President’s column in Issue 316 of Architecture Ireland (March / April 2021, page 6/7), Ciaran O'Connor discussed “A Framework for our Architectural Future” and invited all members to input into the process of reviewing and enhancing our core skills and competencies to redefine our future. The President said the architectural profession has a pivotal role to play in addressing the current and future complex societal and environmental challenges that face us all, and these challenges can be met through the design of high quality architecture and a sustainable built environment. However, we need to re-examine and explore the possibilities that this position gives us to chart our future course. The President invited further comment in subsequent RIAI Members Newsletters and, since then, has had a number of meetings and workshops with Education and Practice committee members as well as the Heads of the Schools of Architecture.

The President would like this conference to help both education and practice to look over the horizon and face the future; to support a sustainable built environment and interactive educational and professional future; to help find new co-ordinates for an old and distinguished profession, during this time of great societal change and public scrutiny of the art and science of architecture.

Attendance will be limited in line with public health guidelines. All attendees will be required to provide an EU Digital Covid Certificate.

The conference will be recorded for future viewing by members who cannot attend in person at Dublin Castle.